Downtime issues: Server IPAddress and DNS errors.

I haven’t been on or updating my blog lately, due to server ip addresses and issues about my DNS settings with 1and1 domain services. I had downtime of the services due to lack of internet connectivity. Now everything is up and running and the repo is currently working as well. I’m in school as well so my blogging will be scarce as well because I am also doing a blog for my class, so I’m keeping the writing a minimum when it comes down to it. Later though I will be blogging about other things and as I go along with school. I’m also thinking about blogging as well and posting them here.

Ringtones on Repo are back, iOS 7 Fix for Ringtones!!

Ringtones on Repo are back.


Sorry guys for the missing ringtones. All of the ringtones will comeback on the repo. I accidentally wiped them out trying to remove the DS_Store file building the repo files. More Ringtones are coming later as well so stay tuned to into the repo for any changes.

If you have music or a Ringtone that you want to feature in the repo. You can E-mail me at and I will email instructions on how to get things rolling with featuring your music and ringtones on our repo.

iOS 7 Fix for Ringtones.

So if you are wondering, like me, when downloading ringtones doesn’t seem to work on iOS 7 like it normally does. I’m here to spread the knowledge and resolution to you. When I went looking around the net, I came across a solution. iOS 7 uses now a plist that doesn’t read the directory “/Library/Ringtones” to list them. There was a tweak that was released called “ToneEnabler” that will allow the ringtones to appear in the and is provided by Big Boss. When installed, any downloaded ringtones will show up in>Sound.

Hope this helps you.


MovieBox now available on repo.

Hey everyone. I have included movie box into the repo. The repo is I may move the repo into another address but not anytime soon. Please feel free to download it from the repo.


MovieBox gives a variety of movies listed at your finger tips with a the availability of movies still increasing to this very day. You are able to watch full length movies without being stopped by an ad or commercial.


TV shows

If you love the shows your watch, the tv shows are section are for you. The genre of shows range from anything to soap operas to anime or even your favorite Scifi shows are on there too



MovieBox gives a variety of high quality music videos ready and waiting to be downloaded at your disposal. Grouped by artist, you can catch the latest and greatest of music videos out there.


MuscleNerd uses iOS 7.0.4 as a exercise for Jailbreakers.

As you may have seen that Apple has released 7.0.4 that has a fix to  particular bug and an issue with FaceTime users having failures in calling other people. As a full time FaceTime user, I believe I may have this problem only because from what I believe was because of internet. Then again I am not on iOS 7 at the moment but my girlfriend is so this issue may be existant with her phone.

MuscleNerd announced that iOS 7.0.4 should be used to as an exercise for jailbreakers to restrain form updating to this update. From what he said, 7.0.4 works with the Jailbreak that they are producing but doesn’t mean that you should update because of the particular hint. Staying on 7.0-7.0.3 should be the challenge to avoid future loss of jailbreak as a user. As much as I would like to update to iOS 7, I should have done so when iOS 7.0.3 was still seeded by Apple to keep in the game. ¬†I’ll try to get a replacement iPhone 5(recessed lock button) and see if they give me a 7.0-7.0.3 device and I can still be in the game.

Are you waiting for the new jailbreak or are you done with waiting for this Cat and Mouse game.